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What the American Red Cross Employee Training Program Offers

American Mint

A producer of collectible coins, medals, knives, and die-cast models, American Mint serves over 10 million customers around the world from its headquarters in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. In addition to its work, American Mint supports the American Red Cross.

Among the many programs created by the American Red Cross is its employee training initiative. Offering tailored programs to places of business, the organization is able to equip employees with the skills needed to gain qualifications and be effective medical aid providers. The organization is one of the country’s leading providers of training programs that are compliant with Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) guidelines.

Further to offering access to its extensive digital resources, customer support team, and emergency mobile apps, the initiative allows for the creation of on-site training programs overseen by qualified instructors.

These personal sessions are complemented with online information, allowing for a blended learning experience that focuses on theoretical knowledge online and practical application in the classroom.

For employers that don’t wish to conduct classes on-site, the American Red Cross also operates regular community classes throughout the United States.


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